Reigning Luxury

Our Story

        We believe that Africa has been over generalized and too many stereotypes leave the culture wanting to be exposed and freed. With fifty-four countries within its borders and over 1,500 languages spoken, Africa, a common ancestral land of many, is deserving of our attention and recognition. We at Qanooni wish to educate and clothe our generation in the wonders of this incredible continent. As a family-owned organization, our goal is to make the rich luxuries and surprising comforts of the beautiful North African country, Morocco, available to all.

        Qanooni and its executives have a passion for helping others. We buy our products directly from the hands of the artisans who craft them. With no middle man, the Moroccans who are partnered with Qanooni make the maximum amount of profit to help their families and grow their communities. Due to our handpicked process, each item sold by Qanooni is completely unique with no duplicate found anywhere, whether in the US, Morocco or worldwide. When our customers decide to own a Qanooni piece, they can be certain that they own a one of a kind time. This type of luxury is second to none, as even the most exclusive brands will make a few copies of an original design. You can truly feel like one in eight billion when you hold a fine garment from Qanooni’s collections. We dream to educate people about the magnificent artistry and culture of Morocco and wish to share its splendor with all who are willing. Our styles and pieces were once and still are worn by royalty, which is why we hold true to our “Reigning Luxury” aphorism.

        The name, Qanooni, means "legal" when literally translated, but in slang the term refers to something that is incredible, perfect and agreeable. Therefore, whenever you hear us at Qanooni uttering its name, we really mean, "It doesn't get any better than this!"